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About our staff. . .
Our staff members all have the same commitment to providing you excellent service and top-quality shop drawings for your projects. Away from work, their interests vary widely.

RON SABETTA . Ron is a lifelong woodworker and sits on the board of directors of the Florida Chapter of AWI. When not busy running Resource: Engineering, he can be found in his home shop building antique reproductions, wood carving or just checking items off his "honey do" list. In addition to his interests in woodwork, Ron is actively involved in animal rescue.

James was trained as a draftsman, and previous jobs have given him practical, hands-on experience in various construction trades and valuable pre-fabrication millwork experience. He enjoys the challenges of detailing unique millwork projects for a variety of clients. He says he also used to have hobbies, but these days, woodworking has been eclipsed by changing diapers and making bottles, home repairs take a back seat, photography has taken on a much more documentary format and most of his "free time" is spent enjoying time with his wife and two young sons.

Connie, shown here with Salty, a rescued stallion. She has had the opportunity to rescue and find homes for abused and neglected horses and other critters for many years. At right is Orions Twist, six months old and very photogenic!

works to support his car habit (shown here in his natural environment). He has 30 years of drafting experience in all phases of architecture, and a long history with Ron Sabetta. He and his wife also rescue Corgies and other animals in need.

Greg's outside interests include sailing, live music, motorcycles and traveling. Past experience in stonework, residential/commercial construction and marine design give him a wide range of disciplines from which to draw (a little drafting humor, there). Resource Engineering provides a nice platform from which to exercise both his problem-solving abilities and creativity.

Josh is a graduate of the University of Florida's Architecture Program as well as the Vicenza, Italy's Institute of Architecture. He joined us after working for an architecture firm in Manhattan for two years. As a Florida Gator fan all his life, he spends most of his time watching Gator football and basketball and enjoying the teams' recent successful national championships.

Frank, a native of Brooklyn, New York, and now living in sunny Florida, enjoys riding his Harley, deep-sea fishing, and performing with his band, the Frank Saffi Band. He has been active in the woodwork industry since 1964, "the stone age, when all you needed was a pencil and a T-square." Frank is a veteran of some of the largest woodworking companies, and has extensive experience in all aspects of the industry. He enjoys the challenge of detailing the most complicated and demanding projects.

TONI TREGEAR . Toni's previous experience is in graphic design and computer systems installation and training. Her current duties are taking care of our computers and whatever else needs to be done administratively. She has a long list of interests and hobbies, like knitting and crochet, photography, crafts of many kinds, reading, and making sure Ron has a vibrant honey-do list.